COMENIUS PROJECT  in our school

The Vocational Training School of Gödöllő has lots of international projects and contacts. In this school you have the opportunity to get to know other countries in Europe. The Comenius Lifelong Learning program was one of the best projects in our school in 2012-2014. This project was an international meeting and cooperation programme supported by the EU. In Hungary Tempus Közalapítvány is in charge to handle of these kinds of projects.  The topic of the project was “WAVES – Water Management and Values for students in Europe”. In this project 9 countries took part, namely Belgium, Germany, Poland, Madeira (Portugal), Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Hungary. During the Comenius program we visited these countries with our English teacher, Andrea Pápai, who is not only our teacher, she is also our friend. In these two years we made a real family in our school, because we always worked on the project together.

This programme showed us how we can save water, how we can make new contacts and friends in other countries, we got to know other cultures and ways of life and water management as well as problems in this area . Water is very important in everybody’s life. We can’t live without water so we must save it. This was the message of the project.

If you watch our presentation on our website you will see our experiences and memories during this project.


Tímea Tóth

tourism management student








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