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About us

Our school opened in 1999 in order to offer vocational trainings for students who have finished secondary school. This is the only institution in the region where commerce, tourism, finance and accountancy  is taught at a secondary educational level. We are making an effort to follow the changing needs of the labour market by broadening our offers in vocational education.

Our school is based in Gödöllő, about 30 kilometres from Budapest, the capital city of Hungary .

At the moment we train commercial administrators, foreign correspondence clerks, cooks, managers in commerce and managers in tourism.

Our trainings are for 1 or 2 years and we also have evening courses. In order to help our students to get better chances in finding a job we also offer 7-8 language lessons a week as well as basic IT lessons. Since 2006 we have been an ECDL exam centre so it is really convenient for our students to be able to get educated here and also to take their exams on spot.

We have contact with some enterprises in the region, so we can help our students to get employed there and besides we can organise fieldwork and practice.

Our plans for the future also include starting vocational training in catering. We are working on organising field practice and language courses for our students abroad.


E-mail: titkarsag@gszm.hu
Tel: +36 28 423 850
Fax: +36 28 423 850



Field practice in Cyprus
Take a look at the pictures, which were taken under our students field practice in Limassol

  Field practice in Greece
Take a look at the pictures, which were taken under our students field practice in Greece


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